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How I got  started :

My journey in the fiber arts world began while I was pregnant with our first daughter.  I had suffered from depression and anxiety for some time and needed an outlet.  I asked my mother to teach me, like her great-grandmother taught her, to crochet… and my passion was born.  I started slow, making blankets for the baby.  Then making blankets for my expecting friends.  Soon my passion grew to frequenting the local yarn shops and purchasing exquisite hand dyed yarns.  I loved the colors, the different fibers available and the science behind making them.  I started dyeing in my kitchen and my business was born.  As many of us do, I continue to delve deeper into this fascination with fibers arts.  I progressed into knitting, spinning, carding, weaving and am eager to learn more.  I still suffer from depression/ anxiety from time to time but it’s no where as severe.  If I’m having a rough time, my husband gently reminds me (in only the way husbands can do) to get out my knitting or my dye pots and start creating.

Where the name Crabapple Yarns came from:

My grandparents had lived in Vermont for as long as I can remember.  It is my favorite place to visit.  The mountain that they lived on used to be an apple orchard many moons ago.  When they cleared the land to build the then weekend cabin, apple trees could be found intermixed with the majestic pines, birch, oaks, and maple trees.  My grandfather left one such apple tree smack dab in the middle of the front yard.  In his later years, after they retired there, I remember him telling me how it brought him great joy to watch the deer come down out of the woods to treat themselves to the fruit on the low lying branches.  My grandparents have since passed on but the apple tree still remains in the middle of my favorite place.apple-tree.jpg

The colorways…keeping with the apple theme, all of my colorways are named after varieties of apples.  Seriously:)


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